Dynamic SEO Options in Layout Builder – title and Description

Premium Versions only
Football Leagues – since v0.14.7; Sports Leagues – since v0.10.5

Layout Builder (included in FL Premium) allows you to create dynamic SEO titles and descriptions for games, players, competitions, and other Football Leagues instances.

You will find a new SEO metabox at the bottom of your layout template with a list of all available variables.

When the loaded Layout Builder template has a Title and Description, the plugin will generate a special output code (see screenshot).

Supported Plugins

Dynamic SEO options support the most popular SEO plugins:

  • Yoast SEO,
  • Rank Math SEO,

When you use them, the plugin simply overrides the title and description in the output code of these plugins and doesn’t generate its own (to prevent duplicates).

All in One SEO plugin

For the proper work of Dynamic SEO Options with AIOSEO recommended to empty Title and Description fields in appropriate post types.

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