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New Subteams feature in Football and Sports Leagues plugins

Starting from version 0.15.0 in Football Leagues and version 0.12.1 in Sports Leagues, it is possible to utilize the subteams feature within the plugins.

Once the setup is complete, the team’s switcher will appear in the header as shown in the screenshot below. This will enable quick navigation among the root and sub-teams or show a summary page with all-team games and common squads.

Step 1 – Setup Root Team

Open root team for edit and set Subteam status to “root team”. Then add “Root Team Title” and populate a list of all subteams.

Step 2 – Setup SubTeam

Open every subteam and change the Subteam status to “subteam”. Then select a root team. See the screenshot below.

Root Page Type – Root Team

If you designate Root Page Type as Root team, it will enable effortless switching between the root team and subteams. But the root page will contain information about the root team only.

Root Page Type – Summary Page

By choosing “Summary Page” as the root page type, you will have a root team page with some specific sections:

  • Fixtures for all subteams (with load more button)
  • Latest Games for all subteams (with the load more button)
  • Squad with subteams filter (see the screenshot below)

If you have ideas about other useful sections for this page, please share them in the topic – https://anwppro.userecho.com/communities/1/topics/759-one-club-with-several-teams

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